About Holli Shan

All of her life, Holli has always loved animals -- with horses and dogs being her top two passions in life. After a while she decided that she wanted to do something professionally with both of them.  In January of 2006, she attended Equissage massage school in Round Hill, VA to become a certified equine sports massage therapist (ESMT). The dream of Pony and Pooch Therapeutic massage had begun.   In June of 2006 - Holli took the home study course for canine massage and also received her certification to be a canine massage therapist (CMT). Holli wanted to deepen her connection with the animals, and the following year in 2007, she began her training with Janet Dobbs to become an Animal Communicator. In October 2010, Holli continued her training with the Advanced II Interspecies Counselor's Course taught by Penelope Smith. Then, in June 2012, Holli took the Advanced III Apprenticeship class, also with Penelope Smith. Holli has communicated with a wide spectrum of animals both living and departed. Her love of animals gives her the compassion to be an Animal Communicator and relay the needs of beloved pets to their owners.
Holli is a native Philadelphian who has been living in northern Virginia for the past eighteen years.  She has two degrees from The Pennsylvania State University: a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Speech Communication.  In the past she has worked in retail, tech support, administrative support, was a doggie daycare attendant and was a stable hand at a barn in Leesburg. While these jobs may seem varied, they all focused on one thing: customer service.  Customer service comes naturally to Holli and she always strives to deliver the best customer service she can in everything she does.
When Holli isn't out massaging or communicating with animals, she can be found riding her horse, Odin, enjoying her Schnauzer Rocky, crocheting, and spending time with her husband Paul. She currently resides in Leesburg, VA.