What to Expect from a Consultation


Compassionate Animal Communication, LLC offers gentle intuitive communication with your pet.I serve as a mediator, using modalities such as telepathy ("far feeling" or feeling from a distance) and Reiki to receive images and feelings from your pet during a communication session.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please take the survey below to apply for a free, no obligation, strategy session of up to 30 minutes. I will take some time to speak with you to see if a communication is right for you and your pet at that time, and if so, we will set up a date and time for your consultation. Payment is required to lock in your date. For all appointments other than in-person, a photograph of your pet is required.

Appointments will be conducted as follows:

  • By telephone or Skype, I will call you at the set time.
  • When In-person, I will arrive at your home or barn at the set time.
  • By Email, a list of questions and/or issues is required. I will conduct the consultation according to the list of questions/issues provided, and send a transcript of the session to you within 48 hours.

Initial consultations are up to one hour. Follow up consultations are up to 30 minutes.

If you're ready to live in a stress free home and go back to enjoying time with your pet, apply for a free, no obligation private 15-30 minute consultation. Since I value your time and mine, this application is to ensure that we are a good fit for your particular issue. Filling out this application does not automatically enroll you in any program, nor will it give free coaching.

Upon approval, you will hear back from us within 24 to 48 hours with instructions on how to schedule your consultation.


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