Andi – Memre loves her new home thanks to Holli!

In March 2012, I moved my cat Memre away from her home and clowder. It was the first time she was an only cat in her 13 years. Added to that was the fact that she had not seen me regularly for almost 6 months. I was worried that the stress would be too much for her. Holli was able to communicate with her easily, and was able to reassure both of us. With Hollli’s help, we were able to move into our new home with confidence. The kicker during the communication was when Holli told me Memre wanted a bowl of “round crunches” and I couldn’t figure out what that was all about. I found out the next day all kibble had been removed from her diet and she
was unhappy about it! Since our communication, Memre has settled in to her new home and life extremely well, and we’re both thrilled with how things have turned out.

With much gratitude (and kibbles!) Andi & Memre