Mary Schreiber, Equissage – Holli always impresses me!

Firstly, Holli is amazing and never ceases to impress me. She has given me answers and insight about some of my horses and dogs and has always been right on the money.

My all time favorite:
Noche, a black Quarter Horse/Percheron Cross. I bought him two months before I broke my ankle and then did not get on him for four months. The first time I was lead around the riding ring and then the next time I was able to trust him and cut loose (at a walk) and he was fine. As my ankle was healing, I would still ride, climbing off and on and he did not mind how awkward I was. He really seemed to understand. Two years later, I was riding out and he bucked to the extent that I saw his heels out of the corner of my eye as he bolted across the field. There was no warning and I woke up in a green pasture looking up a the blue sky. When I stood up, I was somewhat dazed but I knew nothing was broken. A miracle.

A few weeks later, I called Holli. She told me he was really upset with me because I didn’t tell him his best friend, Molly, a Missouri Foxtrotter was leaving to go to another farm out of state. He saw her get on the trailer and knew he would never see her again. She and her owner were our riding buddies. It was the day she left that the incident took place.

Holli told me he said, “why didn’t she TELL me?” Holli said he showed her a picture of a woman with blonde hair, about my height and he was looking down at her. I showed Holli a picture of Caroline, and Holli confirmed that was who she saw. What a shock and it did shake me up to say the least. Holli nailed it, big time. I have not ridden him since, but a friend of mine bought him, she loves him and he loves her. He is still in my barn and I can tell he will always remember that day and how it made him feel, but I think he has forgiven me once I explained that I was distracted and was sorry.

I recently heard from Molly’s new owner and she loves her, and that she is the most spoiled horse in the barn. Caroline intends to keep it that way 🙂

Holli also was an instructor here at Equissage and taught some of the Advanced Classes as well, which included Animal Communication. She has told me even more about my dogs and racehorses, those who are still here and those who aren’t. What is so awesome is she doesn’t even have to think about it. It is right there and she is always right.