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Maria O. – Sidera and I are true partners

I met Holli in the summer of 2017 at a dog show in Fishersville Virginia. My Chesapeake Bay Retriever that I bred and trained was showing signs of anxiety and show nerves. Holli was able to find the exact source of her anxieties and release them. Holli has opened the doors for Sidera and I to be true partners . Sidera has 6 points towards her AKC conformation champion title. In addition, Sidera holds several other AKC titles: CGC, CGCA, PCD, CD, JH and WD with the American Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club.
Sidera and I are still competing and working towards the AKC conformation champion and are training at Senior Hunt . Every time Sidera and I see Holli at a show we have to go by and talk with her ,tell her of our journeys and thank her for her help. Without Holli, I wouldn’t have been able to bring Sidera to her full level of talent and accomplishments!!

Laura G. – Dante is easier to work with!

When Holli has worked with Dante the changes in him are immediately obvious to everyone who encounters him. He acts calm (note: not calmer, but calm) and secure, relaxed in a way that I did not know he was capable of. Afterwards it is easier for me to work with Dante on his training. Holli has also been available by email afterwards to help clarify the work she did with Dante–this has been incredibly helpful in terms of her reframing how I look at a situatiuon with Dante. I came away from our last email remembering that Dante is a predator by nature, and one with social anxiety. This might not be helpful to everyone, but for me it has been profoundly helpful.

Kristen S. – Your ability with Maddie was amazing!

Your ability with Maddie was amazing! She was so relaxed and happy when you left. Definitely a different dog!
Since then, I’ve continued to see progress. She came into my bedroom on her own last night (after being invited), and she slept through the night with no evidence of bad dreams. And… victory! She did her first pee today while we were out on a walk! Hurray! So, I think we’re moving in the right direction.

Jason M. – I can’t recommend Holli highly enough!

Over the next three months we had a 99.9% success rate. I can’t recommend Holli highly enough. It was a fantastic experience; it made all of us a little less stressed. Sparky was happy to actually make us happy.

CEO, Partnerd Group

Mary S. – Holli was right about everything!

I called Holli and got some great answers from her, and she was right and nailed everything and he has turned out to be probably the perfect horse. Maybe one of the best I’ve ever had. I love him.

Owner and Chief Instructor, Equissage.

Lisa S. – Miss Amber has a new nickname, Sunshine!

Big thanks to my friend Holli with Compassionate Animal Communication, LLC. Holli came over and hung out with Miss Amber today and was able to give us a good feel on her life “before” and “after” her time with the Svendsens. She has a new middle name, Sunshine! Sadly, she was not treated nicely “before”, which we sort of knew, now with specifics, but she knows just how much she is loved now. If you have something about a pet that you “just can’t figure out”, please contact Holli and she can help.

Best dog whisperer ever!

Andi – Memre loves her new home thanks to Holli!

In March 2012, I moved my cat Memre away from her home and clowder. It was the first time she was an only cat in her 13 years. Added to that was the fact that she had not seen me regularly for almost 6 months. I was worried that the stress would be too much for her. Holli was able to communicate with her easily, and was able to reassure both of us. With Hollli’s help, we were able to move into our new home with confidence. The kicker during the communication was when Holli told me Memre wanted a bowl of “round crunches” and I couldn’t figure out what that was all about. I found out the next day all kibble had been removed from her diet and she
was unhappy about it! Since our communication, Memre has settled in to her new home and life extremely well, and we’re both thrilled with how things have turned out.

With much gratitude (and kibbles!) Andi & Memre

Michelle R. – Holli’s reading provided hope.

In January 2012, I utilized the intuitive reading services of Holli Shan with Pony and Pooch. My dog has some fear aggression issues and it was my hope that I could learn how to comfort her as well as others when she would show signs of aggression. Through the intuitive reading, I was able to better understand the premise of the aggression and how to comfort my dog when she was fearful. The reading provided hope in a situation that we thought was hopeless.

Jason M. – Holli saw important things for our dog.

Just had a great session with Holli Shan from Compassionate Animal Communication, LLC. She was able to verbalize some things that were important to our dog and it was cool to see the expressions from the dog when they were communicating! We will be putting those suggestions into action and let you know the results.

Thank you, Holli!

Tim & Michelle L. – After Holli, our boys are inseparable!

We had recently adopted a rescue to add to our family and to give our current dog a playmate. Max our Shih Tzu was not happy when Mc Gruff ( pug terrier mix ) came to live with us.  The boys got along well enough but Max would not join the rest of us on the sofa and Mc Gruff would intimidate Max at every opportunity and showed Michelle far more attention than me.  Holli came to our rescue!  After a communication session with Holli, our boys have become inseparable.  We often find them sharing a pillow or cushion together and Mc Gruff started showing me more attention that very night by sleeping beside me where he does every night since.

Thank you Holli!

Mary Schreiber, Equissage – Holli always impresses me!

Firstly, Holli is amazing and never ceases to impress me. She has given me answers and insight about some of my horses and dogs and has always been right on the money.

My all time favorite:
Noche, a black Quarter Horse/Percheron Cross. I bought him two months before I broke my ankle and then did not get on him for four months. The first time I was lead around the riding ring and then the next time I was able to trust him and cut loose (at a walk) and he was fine. As my ankle was healing, I would still ride, climbing off and on and he did not mind how awkward I was. He really seemed to understand. Two years later, I was riding out and he bucked to the extent that I saw his heels out of the corner of my eye as he bolted across the field. There was no warning and I woke up in a green pasture looking up a the blue sky. When I stood up, I was somewhat dazed but I knew nothing was broken. A miracle.

A few weeks later, I called Holli. She told me he was really upset with me because I didn’t tell him his best friend, Molly, a Missouri Foxtrotter was leaving to go to another farm out of state. He saw her get on the trailer and knew he would never see her again. She and her owner were our riding buddies. It was the day she left that the incident took place.

Holli told me he said, “why didn’t she TELL me?” Holli said he showed her a picture of a woman with blonde hair, about my height and he was looking down at her. I showed Holli a picture of Caroline, and Holli confirmed that was who she saw. What a shock and it did shake me up to say the least. Holli nailed it, big time. I have not ridden him since, but a friend of mine bought him, she loves him and he loves her. He is still in my barn and I can tell he will always remember that day and how it made him feel, but I think he has forgiven me once I explained that I was distracted and was sorry.

I recently heard from Molly’s new owner and she loves her, and that she is the most spoiled horse in the barn. Caroline intends to keep it that way 🙂

Holli also was an instructor here at Equissage and taught some of the Advanced Classes as well, which included Animal Communication. She has told me even more about my dogs and racehorses, those who are still here and those who aren’t. What is so awesome is she doesn’t even have to think about it. It is right there and she is always right.

Bob & Colleen R. – Holli has made a believer of me!

When Colleen told me you were coming for a visit to help us communicate with our pet dog Eiffel, who died 4 years ago, I have to be honest and tell you that I was very skeptical. I have had no previous experience with mediums, psychics, or anyone that professes to speak with our departed loved ones, so I did not know what to expect and had some serious doubts about the outcome. I attended this session with you only to be supportive of Colleen. I must admit my surprise when it ended up being a very rewarding and entertaining experience. But more importantly, your comments and suggestions regarding our pets was amazingly accurate and helpful. You seemed to sense exactly the personality of our Eiffel, and you even offered wonderful behavioral suggestions regarding current dog, Pebbles. The advice you gave us regarding Pebbles for dealing with her aggression and her finicky eating habits was right on the money and helped wonderfully. I can’t begin to thank you enough. You’ve made a believer of me!

Thank you again for the wonderful experience and I intend to recommend your services to all of our friends and family.

Emily M. – With forever gratefulness.

On March 15, 2009 I called Holli, knowing in my heart that it was my Yorkie’s, (Muffy- short for Apple Muffin) last day here in body. I called Holli to communicate with Muffy to be sure I was about to make the right decision, that nobody ever wants to make when it comes to our pets who always and forever, are our best friends and family. Holli was able to communicate briefly with Muffy, only because Muffy was so weak it was hard for my dear girl to communicate much. As Holli was relaying the information she was acquiring from Muffy, I knew it was time to say goodbye because her weakness told me that it was no longer fair to keep her here in body as she had struggled through right-sided heart failure for three and a half years. Most dogs that have her disease usually pass within six months. Without Holli’s kindness and compassion for Muffy and myself, I would still be wondering to this day if I had made the appropriate decision.

With forever gratefulness,

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