Keeping You and Your Furry Family Member Safe and Sound this Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us (that was fast)! In this weeks blog, I wanted to go over a few things to help you and your pet be safe during the holidays.

The Poinsettia: The main part of this plant that is toxic is the sap. It tends to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc. While there haven’t been that many fatalities due to ingestion of the plant (according to the poison control hotline), you want to try to keep the Poinsettia away from any nosey pups or cats.

Sweets, Food and More Sweets As a lot of you may already know - our animal companions digest and metabolize food in a different way than we do. If you must give your furbaby some veggies (green beans or carrots) or protein like turkey or ham, remember that moderation is key! A little bit here and there shouldn’t cause a problem. A huge amount will cause a problem.

Remember: Onions, Garlic, Raisins, Grapes and Chocolate are absolute no-nos!

Crowds Some of you may have pets that simply adore being the center of attention in with crowds and they know how to work a room. Or they simply don’t care and will go to another room. If your pet would rather be in another part of the house - let them be and respect that decision. Especially if there are little children who only want to say hi and pet the animal companion in question. Little kids energies can become too intense for some animals. It’s going to be up to you to say no (depending on how well behaved the child is with your pet).

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season and a bright new year! Do you have a favorite game or pastime during the holidays with your pets? I’d love to hear from you!