Keep Your Pets Safe and Healthy During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving roasted turkey

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, feasting and usually family or large crowds. Sometimes with all of the delicious smells from the kitchen, that can be a hard thing to resist from a prying nose or paw!

Here are a few tips to keep your beloved animal companion(s) happy and safe during this time:

Keep all of the food on the table. Begging can become problematic down the road and most foods can’t be processed well by your pets digestive system.

Let them have their own space if they are stressed. Most pets will run away to a different room if they are stressed or overwhelmed by too many people. Let them have their own space and give them something to chew, such as a stuffed frozen Kong or toy.

Keep all garbage away. If you want to keep your pet our of trouble and prevent a medical emergency (especially swallowing cooked bones or excessive sugars or fats) keep the garbage secured and away from prying noses!

For a more detailed list of what your pet should and shouldn’t have, here is an article from the AVMA on keeping your pet safe and happy during Thanksgiving.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition with your family that includes your pet(s)? I'd love to hear from you!