Emily M. – With forever gratefulness.

On March 15, 2009 I called Holli, knowing in my heart that it was my Yorkie’s, (Muffy- short for Apple Muffin) last day here in body. I called Holli to communicate with Muffy to be sure I was about to make the right decision, that nobody ever wants to make when it comes to our pets who always and forever, are our best friends and family. Holli was able to communicate briefly with Muffy, only because Muffy was so weak it was hard for my dear girl to communicate much. As Holli was relaying the information she was acquiring from Muffy, I knew it was time to say goodbye because her weakness told me that it was no longer fair to keep her here in body as she had struggled through right-sided heart failure for three and a half years. Most dogs that have her disease usually pass within six months. Without Holli’s kindness and compassion for Muffy and myself, I would still be wondering to this day if I had made the appropriate decision.

With forever gratefulness,