Bob & Colleen R. – Holli has made a believer of me!

When Colleen told me you were coming for a visit to help us communicate with our pet dog Eiffel, who died 4 years ago, I have to be honest and tell you that I was very skeptical. I have had no previous experience with mediums, psychics, or anyone that professes to speak with our departed loved ones, so I did not know what to expect and had some serious doubts about the outcome. I attended this session with you only to be supportive of Colleen. I must admit my surprise when it ended up being a very rewarding and entertaining experience. But more importantly, your comments and suggestions regarding our pets was amazingly accurate and helpful. You seemed to sense exactly the personality of our Eiffel, and you even offered wonderful behavioral suggestions regarding current dog, Pebbles. The advice you gave us regarding Pebbles for dealing with her aggression and her finicky eating habits was right on the money and helped wonderfully. I can’t begin to thank you enough. You’ve made a believer of me!

Thank you again for the wonderful experience and I intend to recommend your services to all of our friends and family.